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How to Survive a Blackout on Curaçao

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Disclaimer: We've don't receive any endorsements from any of our recommendations. We simply put ourselves in your shoes and try to help you out through our own personal experiences.

My new years' resolution lasted 4 days...

After what can only be called a crazy year in 2020 with limited vacation. I asked permission to work from Curaçao remotely as well as take a few weeks off. This would allow me to spend some time with my parents, meet friends, and soak up some sun.

Then came 3 total-island-wide black-outs in the period when I was there. The last happening on the 1st Monday of 2021, when everyone just got back to work.

In 2021, I promised myself to be less sarcastic and be nicer, however, Aqualectra (our local utility company) decided to test my resolve. So, I decided to channel my inner sarcasm into an article. An article on how to survive a blackout on Curaçao…

Sidenote: I still consider that I partially kept my resolution

Where to find Wifi and charging stations:

Remote workers, digital nomads, IG and FB addicts, lend me your ears. Here are a few places where you can get a Wifi connection and possibly even charge your laptop or phone

Cabana beach > Charging stations and strong wifi. Frequented by web designers, great to work on your tan as we.

How do you think I wrote this article?

Star Bucks Renaissance Mall > the faithful Starbucks will never disappoint. It’s what you’d expect from a Starbucks

Source:Mexim Caribbean

Sambil Mall > Located close to Piscadera, you can get a little shopping done while you’re there


Where to get food when restaurants are closed?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance the food in your fridge is halfway gone.

In the event, you’re in an Airbnb or other home/apartment with no restaurant, or if your nearest restaurant doesn’t have a generator, there’s one place you can always go for food.

The Legendary Truk i Pan...

Across the island, you will find food trucks (called truk i pan) working regardless of rain, sleet or snow…well just rain.

Food trucks are embedded in our culture. A symbol of amazing street food and an appetite for nightlife. Historically Truk i Pans open only in the later hours (9 pm onwards), but due to Covid restrictions, you will find trucks opening as early as 4 pm and closing at 8 pm. Please note that the last orders will be taken before 8 pm.

Drive or walk anywhere on the island and you’ll be bound to find a Food Truck.Places to start: Salinja, Caracasbaaiweg, Santa Rosaweg or Santa Mariaweg.

Tip: Some do delivery as well, so take their number

BBQ Express Source: Tripadvisor

Buy a generator

I admit this tip does show the sarcasm in me. But, if you’re here for the long-term it’s worth asking whether your place has a generator. Possibly you’d want to buy one, you can do so at Kooyman Or Building Depot. Especially if you’re working from home often.

Candles and Flashlights

I recently bought my parents a USB rechargeable light bar from Milwaukee tool that has enough light to light up a room but small enough to fit in your pocket (image below). Available at Kooyman.

Looking for more traditional flashlights or candles? You have a range of selections at Goisco, CostuLess, Centrum Supermarket, or pretty much any supermarket on the island.

This little fellow packs a punch Source:Toolguyd

Book a hotel

Not convinced? Or not keen on playing "survivalist for a day"? Book yourself into one of our hotel resorts and get pampered.

In closing…

To end on a positive note: Take advantage of the black-out and look at the stars and the moon. Or simply enjoy the silence. Take this time as a means to detox from social media or spend time with the family.

Enjoy the dark.

Wanna escape the black-out? Book at tour with us a or email us at

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