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4 Baby Friendly Beaches on Curacao you can visit with an infant.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Disclaimer: Free Walking Tours Curacao does not receive any payments from any of the places mentioned in this article. The views are purely our own and made up from our own personal experiences.

It’s amazing how life can change your perspective. One day you’re looking to beach hop effectively or organize a pub crawl, the next you’re looking for beaches with baby changing stations.

This week our 15-month-old came to Curacao for the first time and as new parents, we wanted to enjoy the island’s beaches, while also not needing to stress out about sharp rocks, inadequate facilities, and the like. Unsure how he’ll feel about sand and salt water and worried about our toddler bumping into everyone and touching everything; we played it safe and omitted the famous picturesque beaches of banda abou and also the overly touristy beaches.

Criteria: We based our comments on our own experience based on what we saw in terms of cleanliness, facilities, and comfort. We only managed to visit 4 locations and are aware there are other options out there. Hence this article will be ever-evolving.

Here are 4 baby-friendly beaches we’ve visited.

Picturesque and Best value for money: Avila Beach Hotel

Price: Approx. 25 guilders ($13) per adult (free for babies) which includes the chair

I will start off by saying, how I loved that Avila Beach quoted me in Guilders as opposed to Dollars when I called up (speaking English). As a local it was a nice little sense of local culture that was introduced at first contact. That “keeping it real” was a nice little touch.

Avila Beach is simply pretty. Being an older hotel, it retains a lot of that old charm and provides the backdrop of some beautiful pictures. We found this hotel to be the best value for money, considering your entrance fee includes gives access to a picturesque, safe hotel space with a beach chair with ample shade, but does not require you to pre-purchase a food & beverage voucher.

Avila Beach provides a baby-friendly experience at a budget price. Of course, should you wish to buy food, the kitchen is excellent! The only downside with the Avila Beach is that there were no baby changing facilities.

Avila Beach Hotel makes for a relaxing time


- Scenic

- Natural beach vibe

- Affordable

- Free & Reliable Wifi

- Your choice of beach or pool


- No towels included

- No baby changing faciliteis

Best location and unique experience: Renaissance Hotel

Price: Approx. 70 guilders ($40) per adult (free for babies) which includes towel, $20 restaurant voucher)

A friend of mine recommended the Renaissance Hotel as she went here with her daughter and wasn’t disappointed. Firstly, for me the location is just perfect. Located in the heart of the old town, you can manage business meetings (like I did) or do some shopping (or a walking tour) and once you're done, you can simply walk over to the Renaissance Hotel and relax in a calm Oasis in the city.

Sporting an infinity saltwater pool with sandy floor, you’d be forgiven to think you were actually on a natural beach. The salt pool is also complimented with a freshwater pool and both pools are shallow enough for anyone over 5ft tall to always be able to feel the floor.

The beach was clean and there weren’t any rocks or any litter around that could cause harm to a toddler exploring.

The light blue is actually the saltwater infinity pool


- Location in the heart of the old town

- Clean and no sharp stones or steep drops in the water.

- $20 Voucher per adult

- Towels included

- Amazing view of rough seas and ships

- Calm waters, shallow pool

- Free & Reliable Wifi


- Expensive if you’re only looking to swim and not eat or drink

- The pool is not “natural” (if you’re looking for that)

- No baby-changing facilities

Best baby changing station: Marriott Hotel

Price: Approx. 70 guilders ($40) per adult (free for babies) which includes towel, $20 restaurant voucher)

I don’t quite understand the beaches we visited. On the one hand, there are no baby-changing facilities to be found and on the other, there’s a baby-changing facility that’s better than most European studio apartments. The Marriott by far provides the best experience for parents in terms of changing your toddler with ease in a private setting that isn’t the beach or on a small space alongside the bathroom sink.

The Marriott hotel is large compared to the other places we visited on this list. Not only does it have a beach, but it also has two swimming pools you can avail to. The entrance fee includes a $20 restaurant voucher and towels.

Please note that the Marriott works with a card-towel system (1 card can be exchanged for 1 towel). At the reception, make sure that you obtain a card for everyone to avoid needing to walk back to reception.

The Marriott Beach being the only hotel without any barriers blocking the Coast from the Caribbean Sea means it’s the only beach with waves; which I personally enjoy, but others might find the waves too rough. Also, the beach is naturally rocky. However, the pools offer a great alternative.

In terms of absolute (baby) comfort, this would be your beach.

Marriott Beach, don't forget the 2 swimming pools (not in this image)


- Amazing baby-changing facilities

- Towels included

- $20 restaurant voucher is included in the price

- Your choice of beach or pool

- Free & Reliable Wifi


- Expensive if you’re only looking to swim and not eat or drink

- Waters can be rough

- Stones or rocks on the beach and also while getting into the water

Best no-frills beach Lion’s dive Hotel (far end of the boulevard)

Price: Approx. 25 guilders ($13) per adult which is the price for a chair rental

Lion’s Dive Hotel beach was the first beach we went to. Belonging to the hotel it’s a quiet stretch of beach, but still connected to the Mambo Boulevard, meaning that if you would want to, you could walk the length of the boulevard in a stroller as well as have a selection of restaurants a few walks away. You can also walk the length of the beach which would be the longest stretch of beach on the island.

Even though Lion’s Dive’s beach is connected to Mambo Beach, their “side” of the beach if quieter as well you don’t necessarily get the impression you’re on a hotel beach.

Lions Dive Beach Image by Paul te Riele from Pixabay


- Affordable (assuming you don’t eat)

- Long beachfront

- Boulevard offers some stroller options

- Food options

- Calm waters protected by a barrier


- No towels

- Not the cleanest beach on our list - could find litter on the beach.

- Can become a little busy

- No changing station

- Limited shaded areas

- No baby-changing facilities

- No wifi available (obtainable at other areas or restaurants of the beach)

There you have it, a few baby-friendly beaches. It’s important to note that this article could evolve to add more beaches or information in due course.

If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us through our website, Facebook, Instagram or email us at If you’d like to book a walking tour,

Written by Alex Driesprong

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