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Why you should NOT visit Curaçao

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Curaçao isn't all that great. We've listed 5 reasons why.

Even Iguanas get bored with the view

The beaches all look the same

Most of the 38 beaches all have a similar look and feel. The blue waters, intimate beachfront with white sand, tucked in between cliffs. It's always the same picture.

The *boring* iconic image of Groot Knip (Knepa Grandi) source: loves to have

A friend of ours swinging to pass the time

Another beach, same look & feel...can you imagine swimming here? (source: Oasis Coral Estate)

The weather is always the same

You can forget about fashionable jackets or hoodies during winter, autumn, or spring.

Curaçao has summer all year round with the average temperature being 25.7 Celsius

No fashionable gloves, beanie, or rain jacket ever? Talk about boring.

looks cold, but it's not...

Buildings that don’t follow a color code

Somebody had the great idea to paint the buildings of Punda and Otrobanda (The old town) in different colors. The Unesco heritage site also has lots of tiny alleyways and street art.

Definitely, not something you expect from a "proper" old town.

All those colors, who would do such a thing?

The whole of Scharloo and parts of Otrobanda are covered in street art...disgraceful

Beware of narrow alleyways

Restaurants have limited indoor seating

Don't be surprised if you're forced to sit along the bay, boulevard, or on the square. Indoor space can be limited, so you'll need to be content with sitting outside.

Poor diners, almost pushed onto the street

image of another busy restaurant where unfortunately guests had to sit outside.

sitting along the busy bay, watching ships passing by

You’ll have a lot of free time

If you're used to a long commute and managing a tight schedule between work, gym, and social life; You will hate the slower pace of life. On Curaçao you'll manage to do everything you want and have enough free time at the end of the day to still sit on the beach or grab a nice cocktail. Hope you bring a book or have a hobby because you'll need to keep busy.

Might as well sit and have a drink with all this free time.

There you have it, 5 reasons to stay away.

If after reading all this, you're still interested in coming to the island, why not book a walking tour with us at or email us at follow us on facebook/freewalkingtourscuracao or IG:freewalkingtourscuracao

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