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School Field trip & Education program


Provided in Papiamentu, English, Dutch or Spanish. This is our flagship program for schools or private functions alike.

Send your class on an education trip with us through the old town, or let's create a program tailored to your needs where we talk about economics & history and the importance of tourism for the island

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Field Trip & Children Education program

Complete education program

Children Playing Outdoor

If you're looking for a fun, learning experience, yet cost effective way to educate our island's future leaders, then this is for you.

Our program is designed to create an experience that makes learning fun! 


We will take you through the city and along the way we tie in history, with fun anecdotes, but also add importance to the value of tourism and a clean island. 


 add some tailor made options like a sit down quiz or scavenger hunts across Punda. All with the purpose to entertain and have kids smiling at the end.

Packages are tailor made and can include:

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Quiz or fun/competitive exercise during the tour

  • Snacks or drinks

  • Group pictures

This Tour takes about 2  hours including a small break and covers all the historical sites. We’ll talk about the island’s discovery, transition into an important island for the slave trade. Role during WW2, 30 May 1969. We’ll also cover the economics of the island, from Refinery and Financial hub to the importance of Tourism today

The route covers:

  • Rif Fort (start)

  • Fort Amsterdam 

  • Floating Market

  • Synagogue

  • Queen Emma Bridge

  • Kura Hulanda 

  • Waterfront 

  • Art Alley

  • Nena Sanchez gallery

... and all the statues, squares, small alley ways along the way, we'll also show you how to get to Pietermaai district

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