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Private tours


Deep dive into the food culture or if you prefer walk through

neighborhoods that are off the beaten path. 

Have it your way. A great to escape the crowd and have a personalized experience

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Private Tour Details

Soak up some culture & Soak up some wine


Escape the crowd and book a private tour for yourself or for a group of friends.

As this is a private tour, we can have it tailor made to your liking. You decide whether you want to take the normal route and have a standard dose of history / culture; or if you want a more focused tour on culture or the political side of things.


Maybe you're interested in getting off the beaten path and dive into some local neighborhoods or visiting Scharloo. You decide


Package includes

  • Visit the famous sites and intimate alleys

  • We'll cover the history from the island’s discovery, transition into an important island for the slave trade. Role during WW2, 30 May 1969 and today.

  • Short sip during the break

  • Professional pictures can be arranged

  • You can also opt to combine it with a dinner at the end at Mistral or some wine / rum tasting (see our other offerings or get in touch!)

​The standard tour will take approximately 2.5 hours which includes a bathroom/water break along the way. 

Our starting point is a 5 minute walk from the cruise terminal

The route covers:

  • Rif Fort (start)

  • Fort Amsterdam 

  • Floating Market

  • Synagogue

  • Queen Emma Bridge

  • Kura Hulanda 

  • Waterfront 

  • Art Alley

  • Nena Sanchez gallery

... and all the statues, squares, small alley ways along the way, we'll also show you how to get to Pietermaai district

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