Hi, i'm kevin from free walking tours Curaçao, due to new regulations to stop a possible spread of COVID_19, we are temporary canceling our tour for some weeks, please feel free to rebook with us when you manage to rebook your trip. 

You can follow us on instagram and facebook for some updates regarding the situation in regards to COVID_19 here in Curaçao.

Please consider postponing your trip instead of canceling, our economy depends on it.

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Welcome To Free Walking Tours Curaçao


Explore Curacao's old town with an insider knowledge

This tour will take you through a journey that covers all key sites with a dose of history and local flavor.

Learn about Curacao's role in history, From being considered a "useless island" to being a powerhouse in the Caribbean.

Visit scenic sites, hear stories about pirate invasions, the slave trade, how blue curacao was invented (and why it's blue), the meaning of "Dushi" and even about growing up in a self-policing drink & drive culture.   

During the tour, our guides will gladly give you tips & tricks on what to eat and where to shop.

This is a free walking tour and our guides work on a tips basis - so our guides are absolutely motivated to ensure you get your value for money

THURSDAY PUNDA VIBES! Book our Thursday afternoon tour and stay and enjoy Punda vibes. The most vibrant evening of the old town.  We end the tour at our local friend's bar located in the heart of the city.

Punda vibes is kid friendly


Where we will take you

*flexible? Consider booking Thursday afternoon and stay for "Punda vibes" (read below for more info)

The tour will take approximately 2 hours which includes a bathroom/water break along the way. 

Our starting point is a 5 minute walk from the cruise terminal

The route covers:

Rif Fort (start)

Fort Amsterdam 

Floating Market


Queen Emma Bridge

Kura Hulanda 


Pietermaai district 

...and all the statues, squares, small alley ways along the way

Punda vibes: Thursday's are the most vibrant evenings in Punda. At the initiative of downtown management, there are many live bands, local dances, and happy hours as well as shops opening till later. 

Our afternoon tour ends where Punda vibes kicks off. At our friend's bar in the heart of town. Enjoy drinks, have a meal or window shop for souvenirs.



What's the price?

It's free - Our guides get paid on tips.

In general the average tips we get is 15 USD per person (those are the 5 Star reviewers).  But don't feel obliged.

We love our island and want to share our knowledge with you. If you're not satisfied, don't feel obliged to give us anything.

Things to bring

It can get hot - so please make sure to bring adequate protection from the sun (some sun screen, sun glasses or a hat.) Also we'll be covering a bit of ground - so comfy shoes or slippers are highly recommended! Be sure to bring your camera, because you're going to be seeing a lot of scenic views.

How big are the groups?

We keep our groups small to maximum 20 people. If you're a big group, please email us in advance so we ensure that we have enough space to accommodate you.

How long is the tour

The tour will take approximately 2 hours, this includes a bathroom/water break in between.

General questions about your stay?

If you have any questions about your stay (locations, where to rent a car etc.) you can ask us here . We're happy to help out wherever we can

What is Punda Vibes and is it kid friendly?

Punda vibes happens on Thursdays and is the town's most vibrant evening. Punda vibes is kid friendly. The town offers everything from live music, happy hours to night time shopping. Stores open longer and there are street traders selling locally made produce.


Meeting Point


We meet at the Rif Fort Village entrance (see picture to the right >)



whatsapp us on + 5999 5634209


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Tripadvisor Testimonials

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We've also recent been given a shout-put on latitude adjustment's blog about Curacao. 


"Kevin was very helpful and knowledgeable. He shared lots of interesting stories about places and people. One of our best days in Curacao. Highly recommended. "

"We came across this tour by chance while walking in Punda and decided that it was time to learn a bit more about Curacao. Kevin (the guide) was very friendly and the insights he provided were very cool. The pace of the tour is nice, not too fast, not too slow. And of course, it's free! But we did give the guide a good tip. :-) "

"Kevin (the guide) was born and raised in Curacao, which means he knows every corner and deals first hand. Great recommendations for lunch and nightlife too."

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